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Thursday August 28, 2014 — Made with Days

7:35pm – Haven’t had Chinese food in way too long

Made with Days

Wednesday August 27, 2014 — Made with Days

4:08pm – Playing Celebrity at the team offsite in the park – Prospect Park

4:50pm – Braiding and shading – Prospect Park

5:16pm – @lara being sporty – Prospect Park

6:12pm – Team offsite part deux – Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

Made with Days

Tuesday August 26, 2014 — Made with Days

7:57pm – Dinner at the new Italian place in my neighborhood. Bruschetta – Pasta Shop

8:15pm – Pici al Funghi – Pasta Shop

Made with Days

Monday August 25, 2014 — Made with Days

2:17pm – My first nitro cold brew – Culture Espresso Bar

7:41pm – Reading about This Is Our Youth. Want to see it

Made with Days

Sunday August 24, 2014 — Made with Days

2:35pm – Pork collar with fried eggs and corn for brunch with @jr_schott – Roberta’s

3:02pm – Ok – Roberta’s

3:23pm – Bushwick block party so Bushwick – Bushwick

Made with Days

Saturday August 23, 2014 — Made with Days

11:36am – Really good smoked salmon eggs Benedict – AP Cafe

6:29pm – Sheepshead Bay adventures with @markboccard @valentina and Daisy – Randazzo’s Clam Bar

6:43pm – Clams – Randazzo’s Clam Bar

7:20pm – @markboccard and @valentina – Sheepshead Bay

Made with Days

Friday August 22, 2014 — Made with Days

4:37pm – Watermelon Jell-O shot slices – Yahoo!

4:38pm – Just another office happy hour – Yahoo!

Made with Days

Thursday August 21, 2014 — Made with Days

8:30pm – New po boy place around the corner from me. Like it – Orleans

Made with Days

Wednesday August 20, 2014 — Made with Days

2:53pm – Office life – Yahoo!

8:14pm – BBQ at ABC’s then Taco Night at Matzner’s – Flatiron District

Made with Days

Tuesday August 19, 2014 — Made with Days

9:11am – Sending hidden beach coordinates

Made with Days

Sunday August 17, 2014 — Made with Days

8:38pm – Vacation’s over. Headed home

Made with Days

Saturday August 16, 2014 — Made with Days

8:21am – Nice

9:54am – View of the “real” Dracula’s castle

11:20am – Driving through Transylvania

12:15pm – Bought a ton of local charcuterie and cheese and had a picnic

12:48pm – Drove the best road in the world

2:38pm – Sibiu. Nice

Made with Days

Friday August 15, 2014 — Made with Days

1:10pm – Transylvanian castle

1:12pm – Nice

3:19pm – Stumbled into this black metal festival. Too perfect

3:29pm – Moment 4 

5:51pm – Dracula’s castle

12:08am – All the rooms in this town were booked but a NATO Lt. Colonel took pity on us and let us stay in this under-construction room

Made with Days

Thursday August 14, 2014 — Made with Days

12:44pm – Driving from Ukraine to Romania and there basically is no road

Made with Days

Wednesday August 13, 2014 — Made with Days

2:02pm – Borscht in Odessa

3:11pm – Moment 2 

4:52pm – Opera house

6:13pm – Beaches in Odessa surprisingly not that nice

Made with Days