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Wednesday April 16, 2014 — Made with Days

9:18am – It was over 70 degrees just a few days ago – Bushwick

1:19pm – I refuse to believe it is 30 degrees outside – Le Pain Quotidien

Made with Days

Tuesday April 15, 2014 — Made with Days

10:01am – Hot buttered matzah – Yahoo!

7:41pm – Heading back into the city after Seder number 2

Made with Days

Monday April 14, 2014 — Made with Days

6:36pm – @greg and Grandma at the first night of Passover

8:42pm – Matzah Ball Soup

Made with Days

Sunday April 13, 2014 — Made with Days

12:42pm – Brunch with @bengold. Italian sausage, fried eggs, dandelion greens, and fennel pollen – Roberta’s Pizza

10:04pm – Hanging with @todes and her mom – St. Mazie

Made with Days

Saturday April 12, 2014 — Made with Days

11:32am – Brunch with Anna. I actually don’t like the food here – Egg

2:51pm – That time of year, finally! – Half Way House

3:04pm – Ralph and Grayson

6:01pm – Spotted a MakeSpace van on my block. It’s my friend Sam’s company. Amazing storage solution

7:35pm – Dinner with @jandk – Marlow & Sons

1:31am – Charlotte’s surprise party with @greg – Crown Victoria

Made with Days

Friday April 11, 2014 — Made with Days

5:19pm – Another week another happy hour – Yahoo!

5:30pm – Did you get the memo? @wz and @greg – Yahoo!

5:39pm – Classic – Yahoo!

5:49pm – Yahoo!

7:59pm – KFC for dinner (Korean Fried Chicken) with @greg – BonChon Chicken

9:42pm – Dance Cartel with @greg – Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel

11:49pm – Met up with Nicole at her friends house who makes and sells these shoes – Gramercy Park

Made with Days

Thursday April 10, 2014 — Made with Days

9:45am – Still reading this book and forgot to take any other photos

Made with Days

AIPAD Photography Fair — Made with Days

3:20pm – Reading this

6:34pm – At the Armory for the AIPAD fair Vernissage with Elena and Sari. This print was made recently from a negative that had been lost for 30 years and just found, but the piece feels super contemporary – AIPAD Photograhy Show

6:54pm – Former heroin addict explaining his series of photos of heroin sachets – AIPAD Photograhy Show

Made with Days

Tuesday April 8, 2014 — Made with Days

7:12pm – Giving a talk and the catering is burritos from Mission Cantina – Krash

Made with Days

Monday April 7, 2014 — Made with Days

9:43am – Subway reader. Oliver Sacks no less! – Broadway Triangle

Made with Days

Silicon Valley viewing party — Made with Days

11:53am – Steph made me a lovely breakfast – Half Way House

4:47pm – Now she’s making jalapeño poppers for our Silicon Valley viewing party tonight – Half Way House

4:49pm – Grayson got a jalapeño. He’s going to be sorry – Half Way House

7:46pm – Pre-show dinner with @greg – Las Tres Espigas

7:47pm – Las Tres Espigas

8:33pm – @greg and Grayson – Half Way House

9:11pm – The Artsy crew in the house for Silicon Valley – Half Way House

9:11pm – @kraykray and Alexander – Half Way House

10:48pm – Great turnout for our viewing party! – Half Way House

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Made with Days

Party Saturday — Made with Days

4:08pm – Brunch – The Brooklyn Star

6:10pm – @caseypugh got Court St Grocers to cater his 30th birthday party #promove – Carroll Gardens

6:18pm – The birthday boy @caseypugh – Carroll Gardens

6:24pm – Lots of birthday boys – Carroll Gardens

7:50pm – @ireneface and Poppy – Carroll Gardens

9:19pm – @ben and @annaclaire at @kofijones’ housewarming party – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

10:38pm – Outdoor fireplace? Yes, please! – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

1:04am – Dance party – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

1:45am – Jam session – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

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Made with Days

Friday April 4, 2014 — Made with Days

12:43pm – Cuban sandwich and chicken soup for lunch with Steph – Margon

11:05pm – All the roommates heading out to Alex and Andrew’s birthday – Bushwick

11:05pm – All the roommates heading out to Alex and Andrew’s birthday continued – Bushwick

2:49am – Late night nachos with Steph and Cody – San Loco

Made with Days

Thursday April 3, 2014 — Made with Days

12:05pm – Good morning – Yahoo!

12:52pm – Lunch at Viacom – The Lodge @ 1515 

7:05pm – Oysters with @greg before dinner and drinks with Nicole at Skal – Ten Bells

Made with Days

Wednesday April 2, 2014 — Made with Days

12:47pm – Illustrating some important tech concepts – Yahoo!

11:16pm – Drinks with Elena – Achilles Heel

Made with Days